• “My hearing aids are so comfortable I don’t even remember that I have them on!” – Sam
  • “My quality of life has greatly improved now because I hear so much better with my new hearing aids. Why didn’t I do this sooner?” – Casey
  • “Sitting outside on a summer night with my cat on my lap, I can now enjoy sounds that only she could hear before.” – Phil
  • “Cost was always a concern to me but after a trial with hearing aids I was amazed at how well I could hear.” – Ron

Welcome to Colorado Hearing
Tinnitus and Balance

Colorado Hearing Tinnitus and Balance has been providing Longmont, Boulder County and the North Front Range with quality hearing aids and superior service since 1976. As your community hearing healthcare experts, our primary goal is, and has always been, to provide the highest quality professional services.

We are one of only few area wide clinics with an on-site Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) physician to treat medically correctable hearing loss. We are dedicated to providing the very best hearing products and balance care services to individuals and families.

About Us

Our goal is to provide you the best possible hearing care, based upon your individual needs.

Latest News

27/08/2013 Disney Researchers Use Encoded Audio Signals to Provide 'Second Screen' Experiences at Most Venues,System uses ad hoc smartphone networks as microphone arrays ...

26/08/2013 The American Tinnitus Association Names Cara James as its New Executive Director ...

Hearing Aid Care

Caring For Your Hearing Aid

Your audiologist will show you how to use your aid properly and how to care for it. This may take several visits during the trial period. Stay in touch with your audiologist and discuss any problems. Be sure to ask questions if you need more information.

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